Experiencing Painless Waxing In Brooklyn’s Top Tier Spa Setting

With summer underway, we are more cognizant than ever before about our bodies.  Several times a year, if not throughout, we become hyper aware – especially when bathing suits and skimpier clothing come into play. Some people hit the gym, while others hit the spa.  Regardless of your personal maintenance program, most people have one thing in common: they want unwanted hair removed. While there are many ways to do this, from using a razor or trimmer at home to heading out to a salon, the vast majority of people prefer to use methods which are the lease painful and last the longest.

“We focus on full body, all-natural, organic hard waxing for both men and women, young and old, in a judgment-free, body positive zone,” says Brazils Waxing Center partner, Uthman Arogundade.

A Happy Body Means More A More Confident Person

It’s the beginning of August and that means it’s time for the pool, the beach and, of course, a bathing suit. While summer is a more free-spirited time, it also means more stress and anxiety for the follicle-challenged. There is a pain free answer, however.  Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, Brazils Waxing Center emphasizes the value of inclusion. It alleviates any pressure associated with hair, so you never feel alone, while welcoming every age, gender, and body type. It doesn’t matter if you are thin or fat, young or old, from New York or New Delhi…one thing remains the same: you are welcome here.  Clients consistently rave about the spa-like atmosphere with no-charge upgrades found at the fanciest of establishments.

“Upon walking in, you will see a clean, bright and vibrant facility with white décor and pops of color.  First-timers check-in on modern iPad stands.  Our music is curated by the staff. Our waxing rooms are unique and very chic – customers get to lay down on 360-degree reclining waxing chairs.  We use a custom blend of our own proprietary hard wax,” Uthman Arogundade adds.

The Atmosphere Is Everything

The combination of skilled staff, atmosphere and pain-free hair removal has garnered this salon a veritable unending buffet of positive reviews in a very short time. Utilizing a six-step waxing process with hard wax to minimize discomfort and maximize results, Brazils Waxing Center is one of its kind in New York. While traditional soft wax methods that utilize cloth strips work, they are far more painful, with a result that lasts less time. Brazil’s wax, on the other hand, bonds to hair instantly, instead of attaching to the skin.  This creates a painless or almost painless experice for the customer. The center also maintains 360-degree reclining chairs so their specialist can reach any area in the most comfortable manner for the client, not the service provider. Individual wax pots are used with every customer to ensure the highest levels of sanitization. There is no “double dipping” at Brazils.  

To Wax or Not To Wax

If this were a college course in waxing, we would first have to ask what is waxing, by technical definition? Waxing, according to all definitions, is a semi-permanent hair removal technique removing hair directly from the root. There are no nicks and cuts like those often found with razors. Clients of Brazils Waxing Center results last between four to six weeks instead of mere days with shaving. A bonus is that after waxing, hair grows back thinner and lighter as well, making the hair follicles weaker over time.   Once again, making waxing a far easier and less painful experience.

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