Expensive And Practical Sidecar Bar Cart By Moore & Giles

The Sidecar is a very impressive bar cabinet that was designed by Moore & Giles in collaboration with a barman named Jim Meehan. This premium product was put together using high quality materials such as Birch wood and stained Virginia Black Walnut, and it even flaunts leather padding on two of its shelves. This unique bar cabinet can be used to store decanters or bottles that contain expensive spirits, but it can also serve other practical purposes in important meetings or lavish parties.

The Sidecar was designed and constructed with utmost attention to detail. It features polished brass handles outfitted onto its Tuscan leather inlaid doors, and it includes a brassbound wooden bin that was created entirely by hand. The bin can be reached using a special sliding drawer that can be modified to house service ice. Last but not least, we should also mention its hexagonal brass handles that are wrapped in leather for an extra touch of lavishness.

The price? Just $13,500.






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