The Most Expensive Pancake In The World Costs $1,300

If you want to enjoy the rare opportunity of tasting the most expensive pancake in the world, then you should definitely head over to Manchester’s Opus Restaurant and order the $1,300 pancake made by Chef Matthew Downes. Now even though this lavish dish isn’t on the restaurant’s menu, the pancake can be ordered specifically on Tuesdays.

As you’re probably suspecting already, this pancake includes some pretty expensive and delicious ingredients in its composition, ingredients such as Hulle Verge truffles, Scottish mussels, Russian Beluga caviar and Paradise lobster from Scotland. The sauce is none other than Dom Pérignon Rosé hollandaise, but beluga caviar swirl and cream cheese are also on the ingredients list.

The ingredients are masterfully blended by Chef Matthew Downes with utmost attention to detail, and the result is then served to well-heeled individuals that can afford the privilege. Even though it is very expensive, this pancake also has the potential to be the most delicious in the world.






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