The Most Expensive Extreme Mountain Bicycle In The World

The most expensive extreme mountain bicycle in the world is arguably the most luxurious and most beautiful as well. Created by a company called “House Of Solid Gold”, this incredible vehicle is completely drenched in one of the world’s priciest and most lavish metal: pure 24k gold. This bicycle costs no less than $1 million and will be manufactured in just 13 units, each customized according to its owner’s preferences.

The 2-wheeler requires about 750 hours of hard work in order to be complete, and each and every one of its parts is coated in gold by using a complex electroplating process. To make things even better, the House of Solid Gold logo placed on the front of the bike is adorned with over 500 Golden Sapphires and 600 Black Diamonds, and even the seat is made out of brown alligator leather.

Each bike is signed, dated, numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The company that is behind its creation agreed to donate all proceeds resulting from the bike’s sale to a global non-profit organization called The Way to Happiness Foundation International.







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