The Most Expensive Bottle Of Red Wine In The World

The most expensive bottle of red wine in the world is definitely not a small bottle, since it houses no less than 3.1 gallons of the delicious drink. Boasting a price tag of $195,000, this special edition Balthazar of Chateau Margaux 2009 was unveiled by Le Clos, and it promises a unique trip to France upon purchase.

To clarify, the lucky owner of the world’s most expensive bottle of red wine would get the rare opportunity to fly first class to France, where he or she would enjoy a private tour of the vineyards as well as a delicious dinner hosted by Paul Pontallie – Margaux’s chief winemaker.

The Château Margaux vineyard has a deep heritage that stretches back 4 centuries, so there is definitely a lot to learn about the history and manufacturing process of this particular red wine. Moreover, wine merchant Le Clos is famous for breaking world records regarding wine sales, since in 2010 it became famous for retailing eight bottles of Bordeaux for approximately $114,000.