Exclusive And Luxurious Bentley Vertu Cell Phone

What could possibly come out of a collaboration between British carmaker Bentley and renowned cell phone manufacturer Vertu? A luxurious and exclusive handset, of course! The Bentley Vertu cell phone represents the two companies’ second collaboration, and it was unveiled during the Goodwood Festival of Speed event that took place between June 25 and June 28.

The device will become available for purchase starting September 18, and it was created using high quality and expensive materials that justify its $22,900 price tag. The phone’s body was made out of stainless steel, and it boasts a knurled finish that brings to mind a series of Bentley control knobs. The carbon fiber bolster that encircles the speaker as well as the Beluga Black calf leather that lines the back are quite eye-catching, as are the eight different available Bentley leather colors and the superb gemstones that add a final touch of luxury to this unique gadget.




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