Exciting White Shark Cage Diving Packages from Shark Diver

While most people would do anything to never meet a shark in their lifetimes, others are so passionate about the large and dangerous marine creatures that they get all excited about the thought of diving with them. For the latter, Shark Diver has created a series of cage diving packages that no shark enthusiast can resist.

Probably the best experience of all is the Great White Shark Package, which includes six days on the deep Mexican waters of Isla Guadalupe. This is an all-inclusive trip that starts only a few minutes from San Diego Airport and which includes everything you may require for a fully satisfying documentary-style vacation.

All you need is $3,100 and a little craziness – everything else will be taken care of by Shark Diver. The company ensures transportation from the airport, U.S. shark and vessel crews, on board accommodation, shark diving permits, wet suits, unlimited wine and beer, soft drinks, snacks, and meals.

Whether you choose to go into the safe diving cage alone or with up to 15 other friends of yours, the experience will be absolutely amazing. With visibility of up to 100 feet, you are bound to meet some of the most fascinating creatures in the world. Don’t forget to take your professional camera with you, because you are going to see some breathtaking scenes that are definitely worth sharing!