Exceptional Fabergé Pearl Egg Could Cost $2 Million

Widely popular for creating bejeweled Easter eggs for the Imperial Russian family, Fabergé has been sitting idly over the last 99 years, which is understandable since the Romanovs were completely overthrown during the events of the Russian Revolution. Still, there are plenty of ridiculously rich individuals in our modern days that expressed an interest in Fabergé’s masterpieces, especially when it comes to citizens living in the Arabian Gulf.

Marking 99 years since the creation of their last egg, Fabergé unveiled the Pearl Egg during the Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition in Qatar. Just in case you’re not aware, Qatar has been famous for trading pearls for thousands of years, and so it is fitting that Fabergé’s newest piece would include 139 fine white pearls in its design, not to mention the 3,300 diamonds complemented by other precious stones. The egg has an estimated price tag of $2 million, which is considerably cheaper when compared to its older siblings, some of which commanded prices of $30 million.



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