Eramotive’s Iris Series Solar Hybrid Multi-Hull Superyachts

As hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular, it was about time that hybrid superyachts received the same treatment. The Iris Series Solar Hybrid Multi-Hull Superyachts were unveiled by a Miami-based studio named Eramotive, and they come in 3 different sizes.

The smallest superyacht measures 147 feet and boasts 3 decks, while the medium-sized one comes with a length of 246 feet and has 5 decks. The largest Iris Series Solar Hybrid, and probably the most impressive, measures 410 feet and flaunts 7 decks. All vessels impress with an eye-catching elliptical design that ensures ample interior space as well as great sightseeing opportunities thanks to wide angles.

The yachts can be customized according to their owners’ preferences, and they are powered by photovoltaic panels that support cruising speeds of 10 knots on green energy alone. The customization options include an open layout two-tiered salon, a grand library, a cinema, an art gallery, multiple swimming pools and VIP suites with saunas. The largest vessel also features a special retractable enclosure that can be transformed into a relaxation spot.

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