Epitaph Cruiser Four-Wheeled Bicycle at $3,000

Bikes can take more unique shapes than you might expect. See for instance this stunning four-wheeled bicycle with a vintage look. Yes, a “bi-cycle” derives its name from the fact that it only has two wheels, but let’s pretend we don’t really care about etymology and enjoy the innovative design that the Epitaph Cruiser proposes. Priced at almost $3,000, the bike features a black powder coated steel frame and aged leather inserts (the seat, the handles, and along the top tube) give it a more luxurious appearance.

Other features include coaster brake, custom alloy rims with four tires, polycarbonate platform pedals and sealed bottom bracket. The bikes are built to order and there are only ten examples left to be made out of the total of 12 limited edition bikes. Ready to order  yours?

Epitaph Cruiser Four-Wheeled Bicycle at $3,000


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