Epiphany – The Convertible Luxury Yacht

Designers John Guarino, Caan Yaylali and Nathan Gendotti have come up with a Transformers-inspired concept like you’ve never seen before. Called the Epiphany, this is a gorgeous luxury yacht with the looks of a hot club. In only a matter of seconds, the vessel can change from a streamlined yacht into a spacious pleasure boat.

The large deck area can slide apart and unveil an additional space with a central hot tub. The owner and the guests will enjoy lushly appointed rooms (a master suite for the owner, of course), a large living room and a formal dining room. The master suite offers direct access to the water with its private water level decks. Admire the gorgeous Epiphany concept yacht in the pictures below.

Epiphany - The Convertible Luxury Yacht (7)

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