Enormous Imara Superyacht Used To Be An Oil Tanker

Designed by a company named Motion Code: Blue, the enormous Imara superyacht concept is actually based on an oil tanker that underwent some serious modifications. The stunning vessel features an eye-catching and modern design, and it measures no less than 918 feet in length, which makes it the perfect contender for becoming the world’s largest superyacht.

The current record holder is a yacht named Azzam that measures 590 feet. Should Imara ever make it into production, it could easily snatch its title away. Aside from the fact that Imara used to be an oil tanker and that oil is the main livelihood of some of the world’s richest Arab citizens, the very name of the yacht is based on the Arabic word for “emirate”.

With 11 decks, a 187-foot beam and three helipads, this is a lavish and luxurious vessel by all accounts. That much space allowed the designers to go wild with the cabin layouts, and so they placed garages in front of each and every one so that guests would be able to bring their cars along for the ride.

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