Enjoying Your Yard: Seven Easy Updates for Spring

The outdoor area of homes is often neglected by homeowners. While it’s easy to focus on areas inside of your home when you’re thinking about how to make your home more comfortable, the truth is that with a little bit of work you could have an outdoor area that would provide just as much enjoyment and comfort.

The backyard can be a great place to host large gatherings, or even just sit and enjoy some time in nature with your family. If you’re hoping to spend more time outside this spring and summer, here are a few ways you can make sure that your yard is comfortable and ready for you to enjoy.  

Add seating

Comfortable outside seating is a must-have if you will be spending more time outside. Whether it’s large comfortable outdoor couches or a table with chairs, outdoor seating is an opportunity to create an inviting environment. Specially made outdoor cushions can withstand all kinds of weather and won’t fade in the sun, keeping your furniture bright and in good shape through all kinds of weather. A storage box can provide additional seating as well as a place to keep cushions during the winter.

Add a water feature

Water features add visual interest to your yard, providing the peaceful sound of running water as a backdrop to all the time you spend outdoors. Choose an outdoor water fountain to match the style of your hard, whether it’s more traditional or if you’re going for a more modern look find something to match. A water feature is a great way to add a stunning focal point too!

Find some shade

If you plan on spending any time outside in summer, shade is a must. An umbrella or two could be a great addition to tables, adding shade without much expense. For a more permanent solution, think about strategically planting shade trees or consider installing a pergola.

Add a fence

You’ve heard the saying “Good fences make good neighbors” and the more you hang out in your yard, the more you’ll find that to be true! If you want to keep well-meaning neighbors (and their pets) out of your yard, a fence may be just the thing. A privacy fence made of wood or a composite material can ensure complete distancing from your neighbors, while a wrought iron fence gives a more classic look. 

Add paths

If you have a large yard, adding paths with pavers or river rock can give some interest to your yard by leading guests to cozy nooks. Paths can also be used to cover up parts of your yard where grass is difficult to grow. Choose the best type of stone to match the aesthetic of your outdoor area and your home.

Install a patio or deck

If you don’t already have a patio or deck, installing one is one of the best things you can do to add value to your home and ensure your outdoor living space is enjoyable. Even if it has rained recently, a deck or patio will ensure your feet stay dry and you can still enjoy the outdoor area you’ve worked so hard on. The solid surface will help your furniture last longer, and help keep bugs at bay as well. This is another area where you can add a touch of style – stamped and colored concrete can bring some life to an otherwise boring gray surface, and a good deck builder can add style through unique railings.

Plant greenery

It may be tempting to skip this step, but don’t do it! Greenery adds interest and depth to your yard. Grass is nice, but boring! Find out what works best in your climate, and think about how you’d like your yard to look in spring, summer, and fall. Flowering trees, perennial plants that come back year after year can be easy additions that don’t require much work once they are installed and established. Try to avoid plants with sharp thorns. Plants in pots are another option. Grouping potted plants in varying heights adds texture without a lot of work, and the bonus is that during the winter you can bring your plants indoors for a splash of life and color.
Updating the outside of your house doesn’t have to require a lot of work. Once you’ve added a few key items, you’ll find yourself spending more and more time outdoors. If you’re looking for more permanent additions to your yard, this list has several items that you should consider as well.

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