Elysium Space Turns the Departed into Amazing Shooting Stars

Saying goodbye to a loved one when they pass away is never easy, but with Elysium Space you can make this sad event a little more bearable by sending the ashes of the departed into space and turning them into a beautiful shooting star. The company offers what they call “dignified memorial spaceflights” that are meant to celebrate the lives that have ended.

For every symbolic departure Elysium Space makes sure that it doesn’t produce any orbital pollution and that every spacecraft re-enters Earth’s atmosphere harmlessly and beautifully, blazing like a real shooting star. Before this spectacular event takes place, each memorial spacecraft will orbit the planet for several months, and a special mobile app will allow you to follow its path in real time, while also seeing how the Earth looks like from up there.

A custom ash capsule will hold the cremated remains sample that you want to send among the stars, and its cap will be engraved with up to three initials. One of the spacecraft’s metal plates can also be engraved with a special 80-character message, taking your thoughts up into the sky. Every launch will happen at the Cape Canaveral launch facility in Florida, where you can come and see the entire event.

The company will webcast each launch and will also make a professional video of it. Every customer will receive the footage to keep the beautiful memory with them forever. The innovative service is available at $1,990, and you can learn more about it on Elysium Space’s official website.