Elegant Porteur Electric Bike By Faraday

Electric bikes are definitely some of the most outstanding means of transportation, as they allow us to avoid traffic without putting in too much pedaling effort. Still, it is no easy task to find an e-bike that looks good and performs admirably. Fortunately, Faraday managed to get the e-bike recipe just right with its Porteur model, which features a classic design inspired by a European cruiser.

On the power side, it boasts a frictionless 250W motor paired with a 240Wh battery, which ensures a range of 20 miles as long as the rider pedals from time to time in order to make the motor’s job easier. Those who are looking for a plus of functionality can opt for a cargo rack at the front, while a Shimano 8-speed hub and a Gates belt drive should also be worth considering. With a weight of about 39 pounds, the relatively lightweight Porteur electric bike by Faraday comes in 3 different sizes, and it can be purchased for $3,500.


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