Elegant Lamborghini Phenomeno Concept By Grigory Gorin

Lamborghinis are undoubtedly some of the best-looking production cars in the world, and the same thing can be said about Lamborghini concepts. Sketched out by a talented independent designer named Grigory Gorin, the Lamborghini Phenomeno is a stunning supercar concept that features an incredible blend of classic and contemporary elements borrowed from the Diablo,  Countach, Aventador and Reventon models.

The vehicle comes in two versions, namely a standard one and a Super Veloce one. Its power comes from a hybrid powertrain based on a V6 gasoline engine aided by a set of electric motors. The combined output of the engine and motors is 990 horsepower, which is quite impressive. In order to make sure that weight distribution would be done right, the designer decided to place the battery packs for the electric motors in key areas throughout the body. The batteries are replenished partially using solar energy, which is harvested by solar panels installed in the roof.

What makes the Super Veloce variant stand out when compared to the standard Phenomeno is the fact that it boasts a series of aerodynamic improvements, a larger battery pack and a lighter body, all of which ensure improved performance capabilities.






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