Elegant Bent Wood Bicycle by Thonet and Andy Martin

Born out of 80 years of steam bending experience and passion for innovative, beautiful creations, this amazing bicycle is the creation of Thonet and architect Andy Martin. It is a limited edition elegant bike with the body made entirely out of bent wood, and reinforced with spring rods and connectors.

The undeniable talent and expertise that characterizes Thonet is apparent in the simple, elegant and fluid lines of the wooden frame, which was bent by advanced CNC machines. To complete the outstanding creation, the manufacturers used carbon fiber HED H3, which is lightweight, resistant, and awesome to the touch.

Even though the bike does give the rider the possibility to change gears, it should not be used at high speeds, because it is not fitted with a brake system. Interested customers can get it online from Andy Martin’s website, but they should be ready to pay about $69,000 for it.

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