Elegant And Practical Hopsy Hometap

Most of us enjoy a cold glass of beer every now and again, but there are times when we’re not really in the mood to go to a bar and buy one. Fortunately, we can always invest in a home tap such as the Hopsy, which is actually a personalized beer dispenser that keeps the beverage cold and carbonated. It also protects it from light and air damage, and since it’s not particularly large, it can be stored in a fridge without any issues.

Elegant And Practical Hopsy Hometap (3)

Hopsy works with several breweries, and it can deliver your favorite beer right to your doorstep. The beer is delivered in a series of containers designed by Hopsy’s experts, which allow you to load it up into the dispenser quickly and easily. Afterwards, you only need to chill the beer before savoring it, and since the dispenser has an energy label A+, it has low operating costs and is very energy efficient.

Elegant And Practical Hopsy Hometap (2)Elegant And Practical Hopsy Hometap (1)

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