Elegance And Power In The Audi 2015 RS7 Dynamic Edition

The 2015 RS7 Dynamic Edition by Audi has everything it takes to be a supercar: great looks, exclusivity and a very impressive powertrain. Representing a major improvement in all regards over the standard R7 model, the 2015 RS7 Dynamic Edition was unveiled for all to see during the 2014 edition of the New York International Auto Show, and it was received with open arms by Audi fans and automobile enthusiasts from all over the globe.

With a price tag of $146,045, this car is considerably more expensive when compared to its previous counterpart, but the price is justified by a selection of available upgrades that include but are not limited to customized paintjobs, exclusive bodywork and unique interiors. Speaking of the interiors, we should mention that the ones inside the upgraded R7 are simply breathtaking, as they include a plethora of high-end materials such as black leather for the seats, which contrasts beautifully with the crimson seatbelts.

The exterior design features the same blend of aggressiveness and elegance that we’re used to see on all high-end Audi automobiles. The 21 inch tires are a great addition, as is the menacing front grille and the sculpted body. In terms of performance, this beast is able to perform a 0-60 sprint in just 3.7 seconds all thanks to the roaring 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine found under the hood.

The R7 Dynamic Edition will be available for purchase starting this summer, and you can admire it closely by browsing through the following image gallery.






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