Eco-Friendly Yet Powerful E-Car By Nimbus

Even though most of us see electric vehicles as great means of transportation around a busy city, the reality is that these eco-friendly rides could tackle harsh off-road scenarios with great efficiency as long as they would be equipped for the task. The E-Car by Nimbus is an electric off-road vehicle that was envisioned by a talented designer named Eduardo Galvani, and even though the car is still nothing more than a concept at this point, it could very well become a reality in the near future.

The E-car is actually a minibus that is capable of traversing harsh roads thanks to a sturdy construction and an impressive powertrain based on a micro combustion generator and a 180-horsepower electric motor. The motor gets its juice from a lithium-ion battery, which is aided in turn by a photovoltaic solar panel placed on the roof of the vehicle. Other highlights include regenerative brakes as well as a lightweight yet sturdy body made out of carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium.

Inside, this high-end automobile features  USB ports, power outlets, Wi-Fi and a 7-inch tablet that works as a dashboard by displaying vital pieces of information regarding speed, temperatures, power levels and more.






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