Eccentric Lamborghini Gallardo Spider Tuned In Japan

The Lamborghini Gallardo Spider was modified by numerous tuning companies throughout the years, but it probably never looked quite so eccentric. This particular Gallardo Spider was apparently tuned in Japan for a gang leader named Morohoshi-san, but we can’t really confirm that the car is in his possession. The name for the entire project translates to “World’s Strongest Moroboshi Family Chieftain”, which does sound a bit weird if we’re honest.

Now as far as the car itself is concerned, we can tell you that it features an eye-catching blue metallic wrap complemented by a layer of clear blue tint and a series of leopard print panels. It does have a Tron-inspired feeling about it, especially since the lines that mark its creases and gaps glow in the dark. We should also mention the Forgiato Martellato-M wheels that are plated in gold for a touch of lavishness. It’s not necessarily the most tastefully modified Lamborghini, but it is definitely a car that is hard to ignore.







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