Durable And Expensive Titanium Comb By Octovo

We’re pretty sure that there are quite a few combs out there that are made out of lavish materials and boast extravagant decorations, but that doesn’t necessarily make them practical. Even though it’s still arguably expensive for a comb, this particular offering by Octovo is made out of Grade 5 titanium – a material that is often used in the motorsport, marine and the aerospace industries.

According to its makers, the comb is lightweight, sturdy and utterly resistant to corrosion. Don’t get us wrong, resistance to corrosion definitely sounds like a nice trait, but it is probably quite useless when it comes to a simple grooming product. The titanium comb is accompanied by its own leather sleeve, which adds a welcomed touch of elegance to a rather cold-looking product. It probably won’t perform any better than a regular comb and it won’t guarantee a flawless hairstyle, but it might just live long enough to become a family heirloom. The Octovo titanium comb costs $115.

[Via – Esquire]

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