Duplex Penthouse in Arnedo, Spain by n232 Arquitectura

Located in Arnedo, Spain, this beautiful duplex penthouse was designed in an unconventional manner for a young couple. The original plan did not meet the owners’ expectations and was not suited for their lifestyle, so they had the whole space altered with help from n232 Arquitectura.

Conventional duplexes usually have the same floor use: the lower level holds the commonsocial areas, while the upper one houses the bedroom and other private spaces. For this contemporary home, the clients decided to flip the original purposes of the two floors, which resulted in a few space configuration changes as well.

The access level is entirely dedicated to social living. It holds the kitchen, living and dining room, all in one open space. While each area is clearly defined by different architectural and design elements, they also seamlessly flow into one another creating a sense of continuity. This floor opens to a lovely wooden deck terrace.

The lower level is where the sleeping quarters are. The master bedroom is the most impressive area of all, working like a small apartment inside a bigger one. It has its own resting area, access hall, an area for watching TV and sleeping, a large bathroom and a balcony. The entire floor has a clearly intimate and secluded feel to it, unlike the open upper floor.