Duel Luxury Yacht Concept by Alex McDiarmid

Alex McDiarmid is a British designer, based in South France, who created several really appealing yacht concepts, the latest of which is Duel, a 100-meter (328-ft) superyacht. For this particular project McDiarmid took his inspiration from the 17th-18th century dueling pistols and this is also where the name of the vessel comes from.

Made entirely of aluminum, this is a large yet lightweight vessel, capable of transporting 14 guests and 24 crew members. The roof top flaunts a full-length panoramic window, similar to the ones found in other McDiarmid creations. Thanks to the reduction of one deck, the Duel dropped even more weight, which is reflected in the increased electricity and energy efficiency. Power comes from the latest hybrid engines.

Duel Luxury Yacht Concept by Alex McDiarmid 

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