Drone Home Security System By Sunflower Labs

Drones are incredibly versatile devices that can perform a wide variety of tasks, whether we’re talking about transportation, aerial photography or security. Speaking of security, a company named Sunflower Labs has decided to create an amazing drone-based security system named Home Awareness, which can alert you of any suspicious activity around your home.

Drone Home Security System By Sunflower Labs 1

The system is based on a series of Sunflower Smart Lights, which are solar-powered garden lamps with a 360-degree movement detection range. These lights are able to identify incoming footsteps by detecting vibration, and they will alert you accordingly via a special app. Apart from the lights, the system also includes a GPS-enabled camera drone that allows you to see exactly what’s going on around your house. Thanks to infrared technology, the drone is perfect for monitoring your property during the night.

Drone Home Security System By Sunflower Labs 2

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