Donald Trump’s New Boeing

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Donald Trump’s Boeing has been up for sale since 2009. It was then listed at $8 million (gold plated sinks, seating for 24 passengers and a master bedroom are just some of its amenities). However, Trump is not the kind of guy who waits until he manages to finally sell his ‘old’ aircraft before buying a new one.

So, after seeing the huge Boeing 757 (about twice as big as the 727) he decided he wanted it. He later declared: “I bought a great airplane”. The retrofitted jet will be in service in a month, according to Trump. He didn’t tell how much the purchase cost him, but rumor has it the 757 was bought from famous Paul Allen for about $100 million.

Old KLGA VP-BDJ DJ Enterprises (Donald Trump) Boeing 727-23 VP-BDJ

Donald Trump’s New Boeing 1