Do We Have Too Many Rich People in America?

America currently has three million individual millionaires. That’s a huge number of rich people and by far the largest for any country on Earth. The number translates into 1% of the country’s population. So is this too much, too little or just about the right number of wealthy people in our country?

Many were asked the same question in a recent Gallup poll on wealth in the States. Here is what they answered: 21% (up from 17% in 2007) answered “too few”, 31% (down from 37% in 2007) said “too many” and a majority of 42% said “Just right”.

It seems that people in America are more in favor of the rich and this is also reflected in their opinion on the country’s wealth distribution. When asked how they felt about this issue, 57% of the participants said they believed the wealth should be distributed more evenly. The percentage may seem high, but it’s actually smaller than the one registered in 2008: 68%. Thirty-five percent of Americans believe that the distribution is fair. So what is your opinion on the matter?

Rich People in America 

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