Discover the charms of an Amalfi Coast yacht charter

The Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s most unique destinations and is labelled by UNESCO, the World Heritage Centre, as an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape. Where dramatic mountains plunge into emerald seas, blooming flora and fauna hug the coastline, and pastel-hued fishing villages sprinkle above secluded beaches – an Amalfi Coast yacht charter is the perfect way to experience southern Italy’s finest offerings. 

From the authentic Port of Naples to the lavish hilltop town of Capri, discover the best things to see and do on an Amalfi Coast yacht rental. 


Bursting with history, culture, art and gastronomy, a luxury yacht charter in Naples is a truly remarkable yachting experience. The Italian coastal city has long held the reputation for its vibrant attitude and vitality for life, deemed so unique that it is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

A day trip to Pompeii and Vesuvius is a must-see on your Amalfi Coast yacht charter, as are the countless frescoes, sculptures and breathtaking architecture you will see as you meander through the cobbled streets of this historic city. 

After a day of exploring, head underground to the labyrinth of shops and art installations that have transformed the city’s metro stations into a city-wide museum.

Of course, no private yacht trip to Naples would be complete without indulging in the local delicacy – Pizza Verace Napoletana. Alternatively, try out one of Naples’s many charming cafe bars, where you can sit amongst the hustle and bustle with a famously short and strong espresso. 


Sat atop the Golfo di Napoli, within striking distance of Naples, Sorrento treats its visitors to the very best of the Mediterranean. As fresh lemon scents fill the air and explosions of wisteria, bougainvillaea and roses cover the landscape, it is little surprise that Sorrento is one of the best places to visit on an Amalfi Coast yacht charter. 

Sorrento’s finest offerings can be enjoyed on one of the many hiking trails that hug the Lattari Mountains and Sorrentine Peninsula. Here, you can stretch your legs after a day aboard your luxury charter yacht and witness sunset views you’ll never forget. Alternatively, enjoy a gelato and peruse the Piazza Tasso that will take you through winding lanes, fine Italian stores and frescoed hotels. 

While Sorrento certainly boasts an authentic Italian charm, it also enjoys superb fine dining options. For dinner, head to La Pergola in hotel Bellevue Syrene for an astounding view of the Gulf of Naples dotted with luxury superyachts. 


Located in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, the once quaint fishing village is now a chic hotspot best enjoyed alongside the comfort of a superyacht. The pastel-hued town itself wraps itself high into the steep slopes of the Lattari Mountains and boasts a superb view most appreciated from the sundeck of your private charter yacht. 

That said, Positano is the perfect stop off for a weekend of pure indulgence and discovery of the nearby islets such as Li Galli and Gallo Lungo, all of which boast a rich maritime history. Not to mention the exquisite sandy beaches, mystical sea caves, and grottos spread across the Tyrrhenian’s rugged coastline. 

During the summer months, events such as the Feast of the Assumption are wonderful to see during your Amalfi Coast yacht rental, offering food, music, and traditional celebrations that bring the town to life. 

Positano’s main Piazzetta is also home to many refined dining options and local bars. Head to Le Sirenuse for an aperitif on the sea-view terrace. Or even better, have your private yacht charter crew make you an Aperol Spritz to enjoy on the top deck as the sun goes down.


Home to the finer things in life, the island of Capri has been a favourite amongst discerning travellers since Roman times. This beautiful limestone rock located in the Tyrrhenian Sea is truly one of a kind, with rugged green scenery, quiet coves, and balmy nights that can be enjoyed all year round. With two sides to Capri, charter guests can enjoy both the island’s bougainvillaea lined footpaths and grand villas, as well as the award-winning restaurants and luxury boutiques. 

The medieval town of Capri is a must-see during your Amalfi Coast yacht rental. Almost entirely inaccessible by car, the beauty of the Piazzetta needs to be seen to be believed. Here, charter guests will find a stunning church and bell tower filled with cafes and tables and chairs sprawling out from the bars and restaurants.

Cobbled alleys spill out from the square, and if you find yourself meandering along the passeggiata via Tragara to the Belvedere di Tragara you’ll enjoy unobstructed views of the Faraglioni – the three jagged limestone stacks that soar from the sea off the south-eastern coast.

If you are interested in experiencing Italy’s finest offerings from an Amalfi Coast yacht charter, contact a reputable yacht brokerage today. 

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