Diamond Maybach by Grisogono

Dazzling gem-studded vehicles are not a novelty anymore. La Dolce Vita Gold and Diamonds Fiat or the Swarovski-studded Audi by Shampar are just two examples of just how blinged-up cars ca be today.

Now German luxury automaker Maybach and Swiss jewels and watch manufacturer Grisogono have unveiled another stunner, the one-off Maybach 62-Saloon with diamond-studded backseat armrest. We know, it might sound to modest for bling aficionados, but the two luxury manufacturers plan on adding more diamonds and other precious stones on the ride in the future.

This special Maybach was presented at the famous and very exclusive Grisogono party in Cannes, and it is also scheduled to make a dashing appearance at the Dubai International Motorshow in December.

Diamond Maybach by Grisogono (1) 

Diamond Maybach by Grisogono (2) 

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