Dear Michael Limited Edition Swarovski Book

Millions of fans were devastated back in 2009 when they heard that the one whom they had worshiped for years had passed away. Michael Jackson was a true legend, and his demise drew words of sorrow and regret, but also of gratefulness and hope from all his devoted admirers’ lips.

These deeply touching words were brought together into one impressive compilation of fan letters. The book is entitled “Dear Michael” and it contains 2,000 personal fan goodbyes spread over 2,000 pages. Speaking of pages, they flaunt a fine silky texture and a silver coating on the edges, very similar to that of a Bible. The founders of Bungalow Publishing, Marisa Garau and Arjan van Woensel, decided to make this book truly spectacular by adding 3,000 Swarovski crystals on its cover, each one carefully set into one amazing crystal portrait of the King of Pop.

Each copy of the Swarovski-studded, leather-bound book will come with a special case made of sweet-scented walnut wood and Alpine White engineered stone. Boasting a unique and smart design, the case can also be used as a display pedestal for the book. Also accompanying the book will be a exquisitely-crafted MJ badge made by the same company that manufactures the official badges for the British Royal family.

Only 2,000 copies of the limited-edition book will ever be made, and each one will sell for $7,499. It will contain numerous high-quality photos of the King, in addition to thousands of heartfelt messages and tributes from all over the world. Fans can make reservations for the deluxe book on the website. If, however, the price is a little too much for you, Bungalow Publishing also has an affordable version prepared, without Swarovski decorations, and priced at $59.

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