De Bethune’ Dream Watch IV iPhone Shield

Following the De Bethune DBM cell phone crocodile leather case with incorporated classic timepiece, Dream Watch IV is a new iPhone shield with integrated timepiece, created as  a tribute to Steve Jobs. The spaceship-inspired shield doesn’t only protect the iPhone, but it also keeps the handset’s potentially damaging waves from reaching the owner.

The dial of the Dream Watch IV is made of hand-polished titanium (colored blue) and features diamond and gold stars to resemble a magical starry night. A central “spine” indicates the hours and minutes on two opposite disks. The timepiece uses a De Bethune DB2105S caliber with patented silicon/platinum annual balance and twin barrels. The luxurious shield will be unveiled at a De Bethune exhibition in Geneva, during the SIHH at the Hotel des Berges, between January 15-20, 2012.

Below you have a picture of the sleek Dream Watch IV iPhone shield and the DBM case, which the company describes as “a pocket watch for the 21st century”.De Bethune’ Dream Watch IV iPhone Shield (2)De Bethune’ Dream Watch IV iPhone Shield (1)

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