Dazzling Pair of Flawless Diamonds to Fetch $18 Million

Christie’s upcoming Hong Kong Autumn Sale of Magnificent Jewels will show a pair of gorgeous round brilliant-cut D flawless diamonds. As Christie’s puts it, it is an extremely rare occurrence to find two large colorless diamonds within the same timeframe. “To combine that with the vision to obtain a closely matched pair raises the project to new heights”.

Steinmetz Diamond Group cut the gems and exhibited them at the Guggenheim in New York in December 2010. They are now expected to sell for $18 million. The twin diamonds will also be offered separately, at presale estimated prices of $7 million to $9 million.

Christie’s sais this is the largest pair of this kind to ever be offered at auction, with each diamond being approximately the size of a cherry tomato. They are Type IIa diamonds, the most pure kind, and have been awarded Triple Excellent for their symmetry, polish and cut grade. The gems come from South Africa and weigh 35.77 carats and 35.61 carats.

Dazzling Pair of Flawless Diamonds to Fetch $18 Million

The Hong Kong auction will include numerous other dazzling jewels and gems, including an emerald and diamond brooch that Harry Winston bought for his wife (valued at $2 million-$3 million), a gorgeous pearl necklace with natural saltwater pearls (expected to go for $1.6 million-$2.25 million), and a jadeite pendant necklace named “Three Friends of Winter” (believed to sell for $2 million- $3 million). According to Vickie Sek, the Christie’s Asia director of the Jewelry and Jadeite Department, the event is expected to bring in some $75 million.Dazzling Pair of Flawless Diamonds to Fetch $18 MillionDazzling Pair of Flawless Diamonds to Fetch $18 Million

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