David Pascht: How Confidence Influences Success [2020 Interview]

Which came first, the confidence or the success? This is a big question, and the answer may not be that obvious. Because certainly, it makes sense that someone experiencing success would be confident in their skills and abilities. But what about before the success? Can confidence influence and even lead to or detract from future success? We sat down with David Pascht, an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, who is well-versed in this field. He shared some of his insider tips, and tricks for building confidence.

Do you believe that confidence can directly lead to success?

David Pascht: If you’re confident in your abilities, and in what you’re doing, you have a better chance at success. It’s crucial that you believe in your own abilities, even if you get lost some of the time. When you’re confident, you’re more likely to take chances on new ideas, take action to create change, say yes and no when it really counts, and pick yourself up when you stumble.

You’ll recover more quickly from missteps, how true is this statement?

David Pascht: If you’re confident, you’re much more likely to recover from missteps. Making mistakes is a key part of learning and growing, and mistakes both big and small are bound to happen. What’s up to you is how you deal with them and how you learn from them. A confident person will take them in stride, and see what lessons they can extract from them, and have a better chance at finding success despite setbacks. A person lacking confidence may feel battered, or like a failure, and will have trouble recovering.

When you’re confident, are you more likely to take action?

David Pascht: Confident people are more likely to take decisive actions, which can help propel them to success. If you’re not confident in your next step, you may hesitate to act. This can be dangerous or even fatal, when you’re looking to achieve success. It’s crucial to feel confident in your decisions, even if they’re risky or unusual. If you don’t believe in your decisions, how are you supposed to expect other people to?

Do you agree with experts saying that confidence is key? 

David Pascht: Self-confidence is linked to almost every element involved in a happy life. Experts in many fields know this to be true, from psychology to business. Self-confidence overcomes anxiety and fear, and can bolster resilience, motivation, and even relationships of all kinds. In order to achieve success, you have to have confidence to set the bar high. Other feelings are bound to come up, but if you’re confident, you can preserve and push through them, to find success.

Do you think building confidence comes from within?

David Pascht: In order to build confidence, it takes time and energy. If you feel you’re lacking confidence, there are some things you can do every day to help build it up. Write down and remember quotes about confidence and repeat them to yourself like mantras. Write down a list of past successes, to highlight your own track record. Think of times you’ve weathered struggles and made it through. And find mentors in your field who you can talk to, who can help coach you. 

About David Pascht

David Pascht is an entrepreneur and digital marketer, who is also experienced in ecommerce. He recently shared some insight into the world of digital marketing, and which trends he’s watching in 2020. You can also keep up with the latest from Pascht on Steemit.

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