David and Victoria’s Malibu Oceanfront Home for the Summer

David and Victoria Beckham have decided to spend their last few moths in the U.S. in a lavish way. Together with their three sons (and a daughter on the way) they will spend the summer in a luxury mansion in Malibu, California. With seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, marble walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, a gym, gorgeous tropical gardens and a pool, the Beckhams will have everything they could possibly need in their rented home. Of course, all this will come with a steep price: approximately $60,000 per month. The oceanfront mansion was built according to strict green building standards.

So why are they living the States? David Beckham’s contract with LA Galaxy will end in November and it has been reported that he is already looking for a spot in a UK club for the next year. This of course means that the family will be living in England. Their daughter however will be born on American soil, in a Los Angeles hospital to be more exact.

Moreover, little Atlanta (this is the name that the couple has apparently chosen for their fourth child) will be born on July 4th, the American Independence Day. How can we be sure about that? Well, Victoria has already made an appointment for a C-section on that day. Not that the little girl would care, but the first months of her life will be spent in a luxury mansion in Malibu.

David and Victoria Malibu Oceanfront Home for the Summer (5) 

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