Dartz Motorz Unveils the Opulent G63 AMG 6×6Sahara G-eopard

It hasn’t been long since Mercedes-Benz unveiled its new G63 AMG 6×6 six wheeler, but tuning addicts have already jumped to improve it. Designer Marius Dumitrascu of DartzMotorz has come up with an absolutely stunning upgrade package for the vehicle and called it Sahara G-eopard.

This package can turn your car into a symbol of opulence, and a permanent source of amazement. It includes new 24-inch Asanti Gold Bullion wheels with glam gold metal parts, nano-coating with geopard spotsthat were hand painted by artist A. C’machoff, and two coach doors for passengers.

The list continues with a yacht floor, a portable smoking room with gold shisha, portable dining room, liquid dispenser with Russian diamonds and silver tubes, and an advanced air conditioning system that keeps working even when the car has stopped running.

As if all this wasn’t already enough, the tuning package also includes a top notch In-Car cinema by Bang &Olufsen, a BeoVision 11 Smart 3D TV, Android and iOS integration systems, and even more. This is an awe-inspiring project that goes beyond extravagance and simply boggles the mind.