Danforth Standard Digitrola Modern Gramophone

Beautifully merging old gramophone design with new technological advances, Danforth Standard Digitrola is a high-end device for rich audiophiles. It is composed of two parts – a music box and a horn – and has only one sound control for the volume. The box is made of American Walnut wood and Bolivian rosewood and it holds inside the main player. Directly attached to the box is the vintage horn, boasting a shiny black enamel on the back and a golden brass finish on its front side. This of course acts as the device’s speaker.

The main box reads the MP3 information from a memory card and then plays the songs randomly. The internal wiring is made with authentic 1930s copper wire coated Teflon for extra safety. For the wealthy nostalgic music lovers out there, the luxe gramophone can be ordered for $11,000. They will get the package in two pieces to avoid transit damage, but assembling the player is really easy and the sound experience that follows is just delightful.Danforth Standard Digitrola Modern Gramophone



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