Damascus Edition Chronos Safe By Brown Safe

This outstanding safe was created to keep some of your most expensive timepieces out of the reach of potential thieves and burglars, but before we give you any further details about it, we would like to start off with a short history lesson. You see, warriors in the Middle Ages had to rely heavily on their swords when it came to combat, and as you are probably well aware, combat in those times was very up and personal. Therefore, a soldier was only as good as the blade he was wielding, and fortunately for those living in the Middle East, they were able to rely on sturdy swords made using Damascus steel. As the centuries went by, the exact process for creating Damascus steel was lost, but this does not mean that its legendary durability is forgotten.

Brown Steel pays tribute to the incredible skill of the old metal smiths through the Damascus Edition Chronos Safe – a limited edition steel fortress that is downright impenetrable. The safe boasts a military grade X-09 kinetically driven and EMP hardened dial lock as well as automatic watch winder panels, an anti-theft system based on GPS, a biometric fingerprint entry, triple redundant relockers and titanium bolt work. Limited to just 10 units, this masterpiece costs $98,500, and it is definitely worth every single penny.