Creating a Grand Entryway: 9 Tips for Exterior Elegance

The beauty of grand entryways contributes to the mystique of opulent real estate properties. Have you searched for ways to augment your home’s front door? Consider using some of these nine helpful tips to create a genuinely magnificent entrance.

1. Use planters creatively.

Placing a symmetrical pair of attractive planters on opposite sides of your front door provides an inexpensive, fun way to create a sense of grandeur. As long as you maintain the plants inside in good condition, this display will lend visual interest to the area. 

Consider selecting potted plants based upon the local climatic conditions. The selective use of fragrant pines or flowering vines like hibiscus or tea rose enables this type of exterior décor to provide an appealing fragrance, too!

2. Add elegant balustrades.  

If your budget permits, adding elegant balustrades outside the front entrance will certainly contribute to the majesty of your home. You’ll enjoy a wonderful selection of potential building materials. From concrete and faux stone, to marble, limestone, or granite, this type of addition really highlights a front entranceway. It usually makes sense to choose an experienced designer and builder to help create this type of stunning home improvement.

3. Install customized solid front doors.

Does your residence include a wooden front door? Choosing a customized, well-crafted solid core door helps evoke a sense of luxury and affluence. Today, homeowners enjoy a wide selection of very attractive designs. 

Some builders offer finely crafted hardwood products already pre-hung in a frame. Particularly if you order an expensive wooden door, make certain you submit accurate measurements for this special order.

4. Select front door hardware carefully.

The careful choice of front door hardware also contributes to the luxurious, ostentatious qualities of a front entrance. For example, some manufacturers offer excellent metal or ceramic decorative door handles. To add an aura of opulence, you might consider selecting gold-plated door handles, locks, and hinges. 

Although these products certainly look pricey, the use of this technology significantly reduces the costs (compared with solid gold hardware). By selecting a suitable plating material over a steel mechanism, you’ll also ensure you obtain a durable, strong product.

5. Employ stained glass with flair.

Another creative way to boost the luster of your front doorway involves the use of stained glass. Whether you enjoy creating materials yourself in this artistic medium as a hobby, or you hire a skilled stained glass artist, the results will delight visitors.

Place stained glass in window cubbyholes located above or near the front door. You might even insert a small thick stained glass window in a portion of the main door itself (particularly if you commission a custom front door). The careful use of stained glass adds elegance to virtually any setting!

6. Position a fountain nearby.

Depending upon your budget and the available space, adding a fountain close to the front door helps enhance the impression of opulence. Today, a number of manufacturers offer small portable decorative fountains; these small fountains, designed for meditation, re-use water, so you won’t necessarily need to install an expensive facility with a water tap. By selecting an attractive fountain and placing it near the front entrance, you’ll infuse this setting with a luxurious ambiance.

7. Include appealing statuary.

For centuries, homeowners have utilized statuary effectively to create grand front entryways. Placing a matched pair of statues on either side of the door helps accomplish this goal. If you’d like to increase the sense of lavish grandeur, consider selecting images of mighty creatures: lions, dragons, or knights in armor. These stone or metal figures will certainly attract attention as people approach your home.

8. Engineer a stately arch.

Depending upon your available budget, augmenting the front entrance with a lovely cement or metal arch may contribute the design touch you require to engineer a truly ostentatious front door! Give careful consideration to your project budget before undertaking this step, however. Creating a magnificent arch typically requires the input of an architect. Today, customers enjoy the opportunity to use computer simulations to help them visualize in advance how different designs will appear upon the completion of this renovation.

9. Design a portico.

Similarly, adding a portico immediately outside your front entrance provides a way to create a sense of importance and power. By matching this improvement to the style of your residence, you’ll ensure a pleasing outcome. A portico projects luxury and sophistication.

These ideas will vary in usefulness, based upon the unique design and location of your residence and your available property improvement budget. Yet many real estate owners utilize these tips to craft spectacular front entrances. Consider adding some of these techniques to your decorating tool chest!

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