Create The Mediterranean Look In Your Home With Tiles

From the lavender-covered hills of Provence to the Tuscan olive groves, the Mediterranean is the very essence of luxury. One of the key design features, both on the outside and on  the inside of Mediterranean homes, is the use of tiles. Often these are made from natural materials that give a living space an effortless, rustic charm. You will also find intricate patterns featured heavily in Mediterranean tile design, perfect for a statement wall. You too can incorporate tiles into your home decor to give it a real sense of luxury.

Natural floor tiles

If you have flooring areas in your kitchen that have heavy footfall, then using natural Mediterranean terracotta tiles will look stylish and beautiful but still be practical.  Terracotta is known to be hardwearing, so if you look after the tiles, they will last a lifetime. Just make sure that you keep them clean with soap and water and use an acrylic sealer to keep them protected and shiny.  Turkish tumbled stone tiles are also a good option, and look extremely chic in a bathroom. They are easy to match with any decor, and keep the ambience warm in winter and cool in the summer. 

Statement kitchen walls

If you want to create a kitchen splashback wall that is colorful but refined, then take inspiration from Greece. Their classic tile designs are often blue intricate patterns on a white background. The tiles that you use don’t have to consistently match; they can be a range of patterns, but in the same deep shade of blue. A Greek tiled wall is a bold feature that looks great with  broad leaved houseplants in your kitchen as a little reminder of the Mediterranean beaches. 

A classic bathroom 

Bold colors in sun-drenched shades of orange, yellow, browns and blues are classic when it comes to tiles. Although the patterned tiles are often used on the outside of homes in the Mediterranean, they are perfect to create  a warm look in a bathroom. You can lay them on the floor to give your room a luxury feel, or use the tiles for a splashback area around the bathtub or in the shower. When you are choosing your tiles, don’t be afraid to go for ones with texture too, they mimic the traditional handmade style that will give your bathroom an effortless charm. 

The Mediterranean look will remind you of sunshine, sand, palm trees and warm beaches. Using tiles, you can create hardwearing floor and wall coverings that are incredibly practical, but also extremely stylish. 

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