Crazy Halloween Costumes for Couples

We really like the idea of Halloween costumes for two. After all, couples should be in this together! And depending on how sensitive your pathetic-o-meter is, you can choose one of the outfits below.

Among the less embarrassing ones are the cute ham and eggs costume and the singer couple outfit (Sonny and Cher). But if you are bold enough to try other attention-drawing combinations, the list is long and generous! They are not the most expensive outfits ever, but they sure are fun.

The spoon and fork couple wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the oversized “hats” which limit the head movements and even the…kissing. Next, the babies. Some might find them cute, others grotesque, but in the end it is all up to you. The bull and matador, the hunter and pray, the princess and the frog or the little red riding hood and the big bad wolf themes are not bad per se, but they kind of put the men in an uncomfortable position. We believe that couples should look equally stupid at a party! In this case, you may choose Shrek and Fiona, Adam and Eve or – the best ever – the socket and the plug! Absolutely hilarious!

You can buy these costumes on and then rock the party with your partner!

Top Halloween Costumes for Couples

Top Halloween Costumes for Couples

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