Couach 3700 Fly Luxury Yacht

For a complete luxe experience on water, Couach Yachts created the 3700 Fly, a 120-feet-long (36.8 meters) yacht with a beautiful architecture and gorgeous interiors. Eight cabins (five for passengers and three for crew members) offer lush accommodations, while the other areas on the vessel provide all the comfort anyone can need on a trip.

The 3700 Fly can reach a maximum speed of 31 knots and it can hold 22,000 liters of fuel for extended trips, giving it an autonomy of 700 miles at 20 knots. For a worries-free vacation, the vessel boasts 2,000 liters of chilled storage for food and drinks, a water waste treatment station, satellite communication system and numerous luxe amenities.

The garage can hold two jet skis and five additional space for storage. Highly customizable (interior design, deck, cabins), the Couach 3700 Fly is a perfect boat for the rich.

Couach 3700 Fly Luxury Yacht (2)

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