Cool New Camera Accessories from Hard Graft

The straps and accessories that came with your DSLR are probably excellent in terms of functionality and durability, but do they satisfy your need for fashionable design? It’s very unlikely that they do. And if you are not ok with being forced into uniformity, you are probably already looking for something new and full of personality to replace your original camera accessories.

Well, look no further than Hard Graft, because the brand has released a new collection of awesome products for FW 2013. Besides the classic shoulder strap for a camera, you can also get a smaller hand-held quickstrap if you don’t like the DSLR hanging from your neck. For the machine itself you can buy a masterfully crafted “box” that offers full coverage and protection. Like all Hard Graft products, these too are made of genuine leather and wool felt, merging comfort with reliability, durability and looks.

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