Convertible Cayenne from Newport Convertible Engineering

The relatively new convertible SUV trend is a very attractive challenge for tuners, and that’s how you explain the apparition of this new open-top Cayenne. While the standard Porsche Cayenne seemed an odd enough concept when it was first launched in 2002, a topless version of it is even more bizarre, we have to admit.

Thanks to (or because of) Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE), the bold topless vehicle is ready to get its praise or its harsh criticism from design experts and amateur auto enthusiasts alike. The doors and the hood received a little special attention as well, in the form of two-tone wood detailing.

We are sure opinions will vary a lot, but we are actually curios to know if you would be willing to pay for this customization package. Let us know how you feel about the idea of a convertible Cayenne in the comments section.