Contemporary Tred Avon River House in Maryland

Located in Easton, Maryland and offering amazing views of the Tred Avon River, this beautiful contemporary residence was completed in 2012 by Robert M. Gurney Architect. Three distinct solid volumes make up the house, all linked together by glass bridges.

The eastern volume holds the primary living spaces, while the western onehouses the garage and service spaces. Creating a stark contrast with the first two, the central volume is surprisingly opaque, its only openings being the entry door and a series of narrow sidelights. The overall feel of the house is that of openness and unhindered connection to the outdoors. Even the furnishing is minimal to avoid obstruction of the views.

Another noteworthy fact about the residence is its environmentally-conscious character. It uses a geothermal mechanical system, hydronic floor heating, solar tubes, and large overhangs that prevent heat gain. All these work together to reduce the need for fossil fuel.