Contemporary Luxury Villa in Thailand

Resorts and vacation homes in Thailand are usually characterized by traditional architecture, or modern takes on indigenous building styles. This time, however, we are here to show you something new and completely unexpected for this amazing part of the world.

Located on the Koh Samui island, this is the Aqualina Holiday Villa, a stunning residence with three bedrooms and four baths, plus striking indoor and outdoor living areas. With a very rectilinear geometry, the house is deeply anchored in the rich vegetation of the local jungle, creating a stark contrast with the green surroundings.

All white and angular, the villa also features a plant-covered roof and a very efficient water runoff system that ensures the collection and effective reuse of rain water. The remarkable beauty of the house continues indoors, where black granite slabs, luxe furnishings, and cozy natural colors and materials create a very inviting ambiance. It’s very difficult not to fall in love with this villa!

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