Contemporary House in Zabrze by Widawscy Studio Architektury

Created for a family of four, House in Zabrze(Poland) is modern, minimalist and elegant. The owners’ brief was short, as they relied mostly on Widawscy Studio Architektury for the project, asking only for bright and modern interiors.

For a sense of continuity, all public spaceswereconnected, though clearly divided into living, dining and kitchen areas. Neutral greys and white dominate the interiors, but a few splashes of bright colors have also been placed in key spots to avoid monotony.

A more subtle way of creating diversity was that of using different textures of the same color. For instance, white can be seen as matte walls, glossy furniture, and soft linen fabric. For extra warmth, the architects used natural oak to cover various surfaces. The most colorful spaces of all are obviously dedicated to the kids.

A particular feature that we like is the large dining table that doubles as a pool table, and which can turn an ordinary day into a fun time with the family or friends.