Contemporary and Inviting Beck Residence in Corona del Mar

Beck Residence is a truly beautiful home located on a seaside promontory in Corona del Mar, California. It is a contemporary apartment with a two level layout that successfully merges work, living, entertaining and sleeping areas in one homogenous design.

The owners required a home that could be an office by day and a cozy gathering space by night,so that is exactly what Horst Architects did when they renovated the place. Carefully chosen materials, fabrics, shapes and colors define the different areas of the apartment without disrupting the space continuity. Traditional special transition methods were swapped with frameless glass walls and sliding partitions which ensure a sense of expansiveness without compromising the shelter effect that each home should offer.

Frameless bi-folding doors create a seamless visual connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces, while also offering wonderful views of the harbor. For privacy and protection from the sun there is a system of second skins, including some wood shutters that can be closed at any time. Every detail, whether chromatic, textural, or spatial, has been carefully planned for an overall flawless result.

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