Conquest Vehicles’ Unarmored Evade Luxury SUV

Evade is the first unarmored luxury SUV from Conquest Vehicles. Different in many ways from the Knight XV, the sport utility vehicle is still a real stunner, even though it is not meant to be bullet proof. It is made of an aluminum-steel alloy, meaning that the Evade is considerably lighter than the company’s armored cars.

Other changes in the new model include a new hood scoop, new taillights and headlights, redesigned front grille, modified rear bumper, narrower fender flares, third sunroof, and a wider back door. The car’s chassis is borrowed from a Ford F550 Super Duty, the running boards, key and steering wheel are manufactured from stainless steel, and the handlers are made of aluminum.

The Evade will have its official launch on the market this fall, and it will come with two engine options: a gasoline and a diesel one. Priced at $579,000, the SUV is equipped with FLIR night vision cameras at the front and at the rear, commercial-grade air ride suspensions, roof mounted 360-degree joystick-controlled searchlights, and several more very alluring technologies.




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