Concrete Speakers by Shmuel Linski

Speakers are usually made of wood or MDF, but never of concrete … until now! As part of his graduation project, Israeli designer Shmuel Linski created an outstanding pair of standing speakers, using concrete as the main material for his creation. The solid material is known for distorting sound, but that didn’t stop Linski from making these aesthetically appealing speakers.

For the bass port at the base and the basic driver at the top (linked by a 96-cm pipe), Linski didn’t use any kind of sound absorbing material. He simply used the horn speaker technology without padding the speakers from the inside. Clearly, the sound that these heavy electronic devices (56 kg or 123 lbs a pair) emit is a little strange, but this time aesthetics is beyond functionality. No word on the price yet.

Concrete Speakers by Shmuel Linski


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