Complex Coffee Machine By Dutch Lab

Dutch Lab is a South Korean firm whose experts are responsible for the creation of the world’s most complex and interesting coffee machines. Their newest and possibly most incredible product is called Gothicism, and it features a towering, imposing design that was put together using anodized aluminum, brass and glass. As its name suggests, this coffee machine was inspired in its design by Gothic elements, and so it flaunts motifs such as rose windows, pointed spires, arches and towers.

The product was created with the help of a professional barista named Jaewoong Kwak, by a team of skilled industrial, graphical and architectural designers. The coffee is obtained using the cold brew process, which involves drenching the coffee grounds in water before they are filtered into a decanter.  Dutch Lab has many other similar products available but if you’re set on purchasing this particular one, you’d better be ready to spend approximately $7,250, which is definitely not cheap.

However, buying Gothicism would allow you to enjoy a unique, great-looking and very reliable product that could easily work as a great conversation piece in any kitchen, not to mention the delicious coffee that comes out of it.




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